Dutch daughter 1

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Q: How has that bilingualism, that Dutch influenced your English at school, do you think? Or did it have no effect?

A: Yes that’s a bit difficult to… for me, to figure out. For example when I… I went to preschool before I went to primary school and there, for the first year, I did not want to speak at all. I did not say a word. And the teacher there was rather worried and told my parents: “You really have to take her to a speech and language therapist.” And my parents said: “Nonsense! At home she never stops! There she rattles on!” But I don’t know if that was simply because I was shy. Because I was very shy when I was a little child. Or because I did not know the language well.

But when I had a friend at preschool, then I just rattled on in English so I had no problem. Yes I have no idea what caused it. [not speaking for a year at preschool].