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Q: What would you advise to parents when they get children: raising them bilingually or not? And if bilingually, how can one do that most successfully?

A: Well, I would certainly say raise bilingually, because for me… it had no negatives. It is only positive. And I love it. And yes, when you are a child you learn quickly.

And… how. I don’t quite know. I would say, yes most of all speak to them in that language. especially when they are young, that they most hear the language. And yes, perhaps… It is difficult as a child I think… my sister had a lot of problems with it: “What’s the use? I live in New Zealand after all? So if you can get it across to them that it is important and something great to have, than they will be more inclined to learn two languages. While if they think: “What is the point, it’s no use.” Then probably not.