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A: On the Korean school side, I think it’s not as important to someone like me living here. Because I don’t have to take any tests in Korean, and if I can speak it I think it’s ok. As long as I’m able to communicate with my parents. But then I feel like when I was put there [in Korean school] to learn in that way, instead of actually using it around Korean people, I learnt way less than I could have. I found that if I read Korean manga or just something enjoyable, I learnt way more out of it. And even watching drama… yeah, I learnt way more from it. Especially for language: applying it is the most important.

Q: So if someone like you, born in New Zealand Korean, they want to maintain their Korean language, what is the best way, do you think?

A: Having their parents speaking it to them, even if they don’t understand it. I think that’s the best way to do it. You just pick up on it, randomly.

Q: Especially when you are motivated.

A: Yeah!

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[Talking about advice for other Korean parents] I’d say that you shouldn’t abuse one language. You should evenly share out two languages… or even just focus on your own language. It wouldn’t affect their education, that’s what I believe. Cos they’d end up learning English outside, at school, and then when they come back home, like I said, the amount of parent time you’d speak your own language is very short. So it wouldn’t completely fade away your English language ability.