French daughter 1

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Q: Do you think that because you were brought up with the French and English, do you think it had a positive impact on your schooling?

A: Yeah. I think especially with languages and anything with words. I think I’m more proficient even in English, than if I had just been brought up just with English. I don’t know… I had more of a learning and an understanding of language and words in general. Even if I look at a big word in English that I don’t know then I can think: “Oh that looks a bit like that word in French, so it’s probably from French” and then I can guess what it means. I can sort of figure that out. And other European languages I think too, would be easier to pick up.

Q: How well did you achieve in school in general, and in English as a subject?

A: Umm… really well actually [laughs]. It’s sort of my ‘thing’ really, languages.