ProfessionalsWelcome to the Professionals’ section of the Growing up with two languages website. Here you will find information, resources, and advice for professionals (teachers, midwives, doctors, and so on) working with families who speak a minority language at home. The links below will take you to information pages where you will find links and resources for further reading.

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Stories for Professionals

Below are some quotes taken from interviews carried out for the ‘bilingual teens’ ITML project. Click on ‘Read More’ to hear people talking about their experiences and/or thoughts on the fact that they speak a minority language at home. If you are a professional working with bilingual families or you just want to get in touch, please contact us via our Facebook page or email one of the ITML project’s main researchers. We’d love to hear from you!

Chinese mother 2

Q: As she needs to learn several languages, do you think it influences her schooling? I mean learning languages occupies ...
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Dutch daughter 1

Q: How has that bilingualism, that Dutch influenced your English at school, do you think? Or did it have no ...
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Dutch mother 1

I think that the fact that the children... although they did not normally speak Dutch, but that they learned Dutch… ...
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French daughter 1

Q: Do you think that because you were brought up with the French and English, do you think it had ...
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French father 2

I think that if both parents are French, or French speakers, it is crazy to speak English just because we ...
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German parents

P1: So when I had him in Palmerston North I had Kiwi friends, but when I was with him, on ...
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Korean daughter 1

Q: A recent government report said immigrant parents should speak English at home all the time so that their children ...
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